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We decided to add a slide show so you can see some more of the wonderful Philippine scenery.
When you are out in the bario, or outside the city areas, the landscape can be many different wonderful colors of green.
Everything can feel so clean and natural.
Something that is easy to miss in more developed countries.

The day can be overcast and as long as it isn't raining, it is a great feeling to be outdoors here. Air is clean and the atmosphere is noticeably different than elsewhere. 

A few of the photos in the above slideshow are of the resort on Cebu island and the others are of Boracay. (A note on Boracay. The dry season is tourist season and it can be packed. The rainy season is not so packed and prices can be cheaper. If you can deal with some rain it can be a nice time to visit.)

cebu resort beach stairs The Philippines is a beautiful country and most people who visit only long to return.

Here are three photos taken at a resort on Cebu Island.
The first one is a pathway leading down to the beach from the resort properAt the bottom of the stairs a

cebu resort view
path winds by some large    coastal rocks and trees.

The second pic is a view from the balcony of my room at the resort. Nice.
This third and last picture was taken walking the coastline, after you exit the stair pathway above.
Philippines resort coastline

This is not far from where I received top-notch diving instruction!
(Great places like this exist all over the Islands for you to bring your new Filipina  girlfriend.)
One last photograph of this diving resorts coastline. The day
was overcast but when the weather is clear it is a great view.
Philippines diving resort
(Your Filipina will greatly appreciate it if you take her to these types of places once and awhile.)

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