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I love making this blog and adding the information in it. I like people as well.

However, there may be times that I will be compensated. Some ways I may be compensated are when a visitor clicks a link in an article, feed, an ad or anywhere else on the site. Or sometimes maybe even for an impression.

I may be compensated for reviews of services or products, however, I keep my reviews honest and may not give a favorable one.

I may be compensated for paid insertions and advertisements and affiliate programs.

In general it is safe to assume that I will make money anyway I can from this site but will do it in an upright fashion.

 I am a member of affiliate sites and am compensated by them.

 One affiliate site is Dating Factory and I am compensated for any paid memberships and or ads clicked belonging to their program.

The FTC requires me to put up a notice like this to inform people that i intend to make money from this site.
I also hope that if you are confused about disclosure policies you check out the FTC link I give below.

Here is a link to the FTC

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