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Sampaguitas Dating was started to address the issues of knowing and dating Filipinas and to share information about the Philippines, such as, living there, moving there, visiting, communicating with people and traveling around as well as any other issues one may encounter. 
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 We will also cover going-out with Asian girls and information on those countries as well as general dating and relationship issues.
The Philippines, Filipinas and their culture is much different than the Western world and it is only right that people have a place to go to for information on them, to help you avoid mistakes while communicating and visiting. 
Sometimes making mistakes when traveling around other countries or seeing people from them can be costly and even embarrassing so it is wise to be prepared before hand. 
The same is true with other Asian countries and their people. It is easy to look foolish or do something that is frowned on by their culture or even break the law, so educate yourself before you visit. (The first time that I had visited a country in Asia I felt almost as if I had landed on the moon, in a fun and very enjoyable way though.)
Filipinas are not Western women and are different in manner and thought. It is common to misunderstand them even in the simplest things and although Filipinos in general know the English language enough to communicate at least, there are still the cultural differences involved that can be confusing.
Courtship Rituals

 Traditional dating and courtship rituals especially can be rather old fashioned and stuffy seeming. That however is a cultural issue and is that way in part to help ensure the families and the suitors involved are not embarrassed. So nobody looks foolish or undesirable from a social standpoint. Thankfully, for us uncouth, we do not always have to observe these rituals as they know we do not understand them. This can vary from person to person and family to family though and sometimes there can be more of a process to go through especially if the girl's family is an older family or has a higher social status than the average one. I realize this is vague but more of this can be written in another post or article.
The Philippines and Asia in general is very fun and enjoyable to visit for short or long time stays. By informing yourself before you go you will reap the benefits of knowledge, although some things it seems you need to find out on your own.
Going-out, men, women, love, sex and relationships confuse and frustrate all of us to some degree. Sampaguitas Dating will be covering these topics for you too. 
Online dating seems to be a never ending circle for most and we will be discussing how to make the most of it. This includes profile making, photos, videos and attention grabbing techniques to help you get the person you desire. We will cover ways to tell if someone is a scammer and should be avoided or reported to your sites administration.
Sampaguitas Dating will be covering these topics and more both for your benefit and ours.
 Knowledge of people and the world is always desirable and helps to make us well rounded individuals. All of us should continue to learn for the rest of our lives. Without judgement, making us better.
                                          Sincerely, Sampaguitas Dating  

We are now Dating Expression. We still have our same focus but better than before!

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