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dating expressionDating Expression is the real expression behind Sampaguitas Dating. 

As we mentioned in our post dating-expression-from-sampaguitas it was felt that the new name was closer to the heart of what we were actually doing with Sampaguitas Dating.

While we had and will continue to give Filipina dating advice, we have always given dating tips for any type of relationship issue.

We enjoy covering the topics of dating, love, marriage, relationships and intercultural dating and we noticed that a lot of the advice given for dating Philippines girls can also be used for people who are not engaging in relationships with persons from other cultures. Some things are just common sense and just pertain to people being human beings no matter where they are from.

 We also want to keep a part of what we do more lighthearted and plan to incorporate funny or amusing videos, stories and quotes. Also, keeping abreast of current news and trends as relating to love and relationships worldwide.

Dating Expression is an expression of all of us as human beings and how we relate to each other. 

If you have noticed, during many of our posts we include links to other sources on the web. These are pages that we are providing so you can get a fuller experience and enjoy other tips and views or news about dating. Sometimes we get some of our research information from these sites and sometimes they just happen to be covering related information to our own posts.

During our interviews and research and self searching we have found that making this site has taught us a lot about ourselves and helps make us a more knowledgeable and well-rounded person. Sometimes we are even reminded of things we chose to ignore or just plain forgot. We certainly are more knowing than we were before we started and we hope that you as readers and subscribers to our newsletters will be as well. 

At least realize that you are not alone in the world and that other people have the same types of dating and relationship issues you have.

Dating Expression in a sense is an expression of you!


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