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Quickly Boost Your Confidence and Masculinity. 5 Quick Inner Game Pick-ups

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Everyone experiences times when we feel dragged out and just don't feel talkative. Maybe your just tired but your mind seems empty of words and although you don't feel bad, you don't want to socialize.
I am sure you have heard the advice to be prepared at all times. That's what were doing right now.
Boost Your Confidence and Masculinity:
Tweet: 5 Quick Inner Game Pick-ups to Boost Your Confidence

 5 Quick Inner Game Pick-ups to Boost Your Confidence

1. Exercise or physical activity to recharge you, clear your head and give your masculinity a boost
2. Shower to look and feel fresh and renew your mind
3. Sing or dance to a few tunes. Create that good feeling to get you going
4. Talk to women you know and are in-with. This is proof you are socially desirable to women.
5. Keep track of your surroundings for easy little conversation pieces

Dating Success Can Happen When it is Least Expected. How to Keep Your Inner Game a Winner

The problem with feeling this way and going out in the public's eye is that this is when women are going to be interested in you.
Many guys have experienced this, they feel drained and have no words to say. They may feel OK but just don't want to socialize and wouldn't come across good if they did. Women may think they don't have self-confidence but that is wrong. They just don't feel very social.
This is exactly when women seem more inclined to look,stare and smile or even approach you. I have experienced this in my own life so I know it is true.
 When you feel dragged-out and silent but are going out in public it is a good idea to give yourself those quick inner game pick-ups beforehand.
Listen to some upbeat music and act foolish if it helps, just enable yourself to put on that happy face and give yourself a short term charge.
This can be referred to as boosting your "inner game". Basically, it is just your mood at the time and all you are doing is enabling yourself to socialize easier for that short time period.

Boost inner game
It is important:
 These seem to be the times that those 8's are totally digging you and outright telling you they are available.
Some easy to do activities that can give your inner game a boost is almost anything that makes you feel good and confident.
A short swim, workout or yoga routine followed by a soothing shower may work wonders.
Dancing alone or singing a couple of your favorite songs is also a great way to get your masculine juices going.
 One great technique is to speak with girls you have dated successfully, are on good terms with or are online friends. This works so well because it is social proof that you are desirable to women.. It gets your juices running with the proof of their acceptance of you and makes you feel sexually desirable. A great state to be in.
Memorizing a few sort of crazy or fun stories about different situations helps you when you are stuck with a blank mind. This gives you something to say that is either fun or out of the ordinary and may generate interest, at least enough to keep conversations flowing smoothly.
Work out before hand what you tell ladies when you speak of your occupation and education. It pays to take the time to make those facts sound interesting and positive with positive being the key here.
Tweet: 5 Quick Inner Game Pick-ups to Boost Your Confidence
Remember, the woman should be doing most of the talking so pay attention to her and follow along with the conversation.
 There are many ways to boost your self-confidence and win your inner game so find what puts you in the right frame of mind and go be socially desirable to any woman.


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