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Overcome Anxiety about the Opposite Sex. 9 Part Men's Dating Hot Tip

Approaching a woman and starting a conversation with her can be a very nervous experience, especially if you are shy or have had a hard time with girls in the past.
Problem is that you need to talk to more women to increase your chances of dating success when it really matters.
Use this old technique to overcome anxiety about the opposite sex with this men's dating hot tip.
I never hear it talked about very much but it works like a charm as long as you give yourself some time.
All you need to do to overcome your fears when speaking to the opposite sex is to start conversations with them in public. Don't approach a woman and have thoughts of how hot you think she is in your mind and don't think about asking her for a date, yet.
If you are very shy and filled with fear then just take some time to hangout in public near women. You don't have to engage them in conversations or even try to impress anybody. Obviously, don't be a lurker or act strange, but find ways to position yourself so you are near enough to them that you can hear them talking. This can help you get used to woman's physical presence without the danger of rejection.
When you feel that you are ready to start talking, then it's time to begin.

  9 Part Men's Hot Dating Tip

  1. Do not act strange. She doesn't know you so be on your best social behavior, just don't be uptight. In other words keep your common sense but have some fun.
  2.  Be well groomed
  3.  Wear clothes that are clean and neat. You don't need a suit and tie but don't have food stains on your shirt.
  4.  Look her in the eyes.
  5.  Smile and have a pleasant facial expression.
  6.  Try to hide any nervousness you feel by moving a little slower and using that good body language.
  7.  If possible touch her lightly once or twice in a short conversation of a few minutes. Don't go overboard and don't bother if she doesn't seem into the conversation.
  8.  Pay attention to her words and use them to make further conversation.
  9. Stay in control of your emotions and have a positive energy

Simply walk up to her and start talking about almost anything. Use your surroundings or current events as conversation starters. When you are in a store then make comments about the items for sale or the store in general.
If there is a new show in town talk about that or just anything that has been newsworthy.
It is important for you to remember to look her in the eyes and face but don't look at her breasts or elsewhere. You need to get used to conversing with women in ways that make you acceptable as a date, even if you aren't trying that yet.
When you first approach her, don't surprise her but walk up in a normal manner and be in her line of vision. Depending on where you are, you may want to adjust your walking speed to fit the circumstances. It is best to walk a little slower than most people and use good body English. Your appearance is important in all ways here so appear relaxed and confident, but not a jackass.
Have a pleasant expression on your face and start your conversation. You will find that if you talk to her like she is a normal person and not a sex goddess that most of the internal pressure you feel is gone.
You need to remember that a woman likes talking. Women even want to be talked to by men they don't know but not if they are acting scared or creepy.
So start the conversation with a comment about something and let her reply and let her talk if she appears to be starting to. Don't interrupt her right now, just let her talk because the more she talks the more you have to talk about with her.
Use what she talks about to keep the conversation going. Ask her questions about what she mentions and be interested. If an opportunity presents itself then you can make a light joke or two to start some smiles and  use a light touch to keep it going.
It's up to you two about how long the conversation is, but if you think you are headed for an uncomfortable silence or let-down then feel free to say goodbye.
On the other-hand if she seems open to it then ask her out. Just give her your cell phone and tell her to input her name and number and then give her yours in return. Giving her your number shows her that you aren't a hoax and are more likely to be a real person that is safe to talk further with.
If she doesn't call you or return any attempts by you to call her, then just remember that you did engage her in a good conversation and that was the point of what you were doing. You actually had a victory, so feel good about yourself.
I want to point out to you guys that it is common for women to give out their cell number and then not reply back. They do this because it is easier for them to avoid a possibly awkward public scene.
If she doesn't return a couple calls from you then stop and move on. 
No matter what happens, just remember that all people get turned down and there are many reasons for that.
In time you will develop a good understanding about women and how you can relate to them in ways they will find attractive.
This way works and I actually used it myself when I was younger and it is something I feel you should continue to do throughout your whole life. Why, because we continue to learn and get more socially adept and women go for a man that is. It is sort of like when you get a girlfriend and all of a sudden all these girls are interested in you. You seem like more of a catch to them, compared to the guy who sits in a corner all by himself.
There seems to be so much o know when it comes to relating to the opposite sex and maybe here is. I want you to keep it simple though because otherwise you just mess yourself up.
Remember to take the pressure off yourself, that is one of the things that makes those guys with all the girls so successful, they take the pressure off themselves.
Good luck and get practicing, you will have a great time and meet a lot of new women as well.
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