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Fun and Freaky. Halloween Dating for 2014

Black masked womanFun and Freaky. Halloween Dating for 2014 promises to be a good time for singles who want to get frisky.

Everybody seems in the mood to blow off some steam from the year and this Halloween promises to be the night they intend to do just that.

If you live in a major metropolitan area then there must be no shortage of Halloween bashes and dances that you can attend.

Jennifer Laude,Ladyboys,Crossdressers. Common in Philippines

attention tourists
It actually isn't much of a surprise to see the news about what happened to Jennifer Laude.

Though it is sad to be sure because violence and killing are never good.

Truth is there are many people like Jennifer Laude in the Philippines and even S.E. Asia.

Real Dating Tips for Meeting a Philippines Girl. Assumptions and Attitudes

philippines touristsDating Expressions latest in our ongoing posts about dating Filipinas covers some rather tricky and sensitive issues that can and surely will arise if you are here for any length of time.
This weeks Real Dating Tips for Meeting a Philippines Girl talks some about assumptions and personal attitudes that are encountered often in the Philippines.

Men Want You or What Men Really Want

Men Want What?Girls, today I have decided to give you a man's honest opinion about the question you always ask. What
Men Really Want?
Fortunately, for women the answers are easier than it is for men to understand the same question. While I won't be writing everything that a woman should know about us, I will give a few good pointers to help you out.

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