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Heartbroken Dating

Many experts tell us that we should not date after a painful rejection and loss. We should wait until we feel better and are all healed.
I feel it is often times beneficial to go through heartbroken dating.
Here is why I think we should be more socially active and dating right after those heartbreaks.   

Costume Dating. Not Just for Losers

Costumed LoversThey continually get a bad rap. Everywhere they go, people point and give them strange looks. Do they
care? No! They are people who are making their own dating expression by costume dating and it's not just for losers.

What I mean is that if you actually take the time and talk to them, you find out that many costume daters are professionals and have a college education too. They may be making more money per week than you or I am!

Personally, I have to applaud singles who are brave enough to go out in public dressed in a costume with no  party to go to. It takes guts, free thinking and a streak of independence to walk around dressed like a mascot for a sports team or a creature from the world of faerie.

I have gotten to know a group a cosplay artists and I will tell you that they are normal people who just happen to love costuming as a favorite character. As I mentioned before, they are all college educated and manage to hold good paying jobs.

Dressing-up, whether for cosplay or dating requires time, skill and money. The costumes don't make themselves so a person must either buy them, which can get very expensive, or make your own. A cheaper alternative is to check out discount Halloween and party stores, but most of the time what is available to purchase lacks what you need to complete your ensemble.
Imagine putting on the make-up and body paint, arranging a wig or some form of head gear and turning your kitchen into a work room. The patience and skill required is commendable, not to mention the fortitude it takes to tramp around all day with possible 10lbs. or more of extra clothing on.

8 Good Points for Costume Dating

1. When you think about it, it is kinda hot. If you are a woman then you may be paired with a dashing hero from a romantic adventure manga and if you are a guy then a beautiful wood nymph or Lady Vampire.
2. You won't need to worry that the clothes you wore out last weekend are the same you are wearing this weekend.
3. No need to worry about someone that you know pointing their finger because if you are dressed-up they probably won't recognize you anyway!
4. Conversation must be easier since this is so new and different from the norm.
5. Going to a costume party? Sounds fun, when's the last time a lot of us have actually done that?
6. If they introduce you to other costumers, you may meet some rather cool new contacts who just happen to be very talented.
7. At the very least it seems like a fun and different way to break up a "same old thing type of routine".
8. Going along with number 7 I think it can be beneficial to anyone to experience new things because it may just break a negative or unproductive pattern that you have. Such as being way to bored with a current type of dating or person. Feeling down because you are not having any fun or new experiences. Or if you are just plain feeling the blues, then I feel doing something different is just what you need to put you back in the swing of things.

I am not telling you that I think we all should devote ourselves to putting on strange outfits and going out in public but that it seems an OK way to add some variety and fun into your life. Maybe, just try it or do it occasionally for a change of pace.

Some people raise issues about the types of personalities that may participate in these kinds of match-ups but I don't think it is any different than any form of interest or at most, fetish. Granted, you may want to watch out for signs of strange behavior, especially if you don't know the person but that is true no matter what you are doing.

As I mentioned the group of cosplay artists may tend to date amongst themselves but are actually totally normal and you would never know they dressed up if they didn't tell you. You would never know.

In closing I will mention that I am not an affiliate of any program promoting this type of dating. I am posting this because I think it is interesting and has potential value in more than one way, to many individuals.

I think that I would sort of enjoy walking around with a girl dressed up in Gothic clothing or a faerie outfit. How about you?

Leave your comments below and make a dating expression!

Latest Trends in Dating for 2014

Dating Trends
Try New Ways to Date
Could these things be an eye opener?

 Or the start of a new and fulfilling chapter in your singles life? 

The latest trends in dating for 2014 certainly show that many of us are willing to expand our horizons and at least try to have a little fun before we settle down and get hitched.

While many of these current trends may not appeal to you there are sure to be some going on that will, and personally, I thought it may be a good way to meet some new single friends and have a good time.

 I have always believed that it is good for us to try out new things and experience different aspects of what we refer to as life and as long as you are personally OK with what you are doing, why not? Even if you decide that something wasn't for you to do full time, once or twice won't hurt us, will it?

Dare to Date?
Actually, I sort of like some of these crazy trends that they are writing about. Some may seem silly but if you are free and single then what is the harm of an airport date on a layover or the faux girlfriend? 
It is true that if a lonely guy has a nice nice looking woman with him, he gets a lot more attention, and this may help him find a real girlfriend. Maybe he just needed a confidence boost. 
Sounds different but if you don't mind being matched with a look a like of the opposite sex then you may as well try it out!

Dating by Popularity
While a part of me has always been to not follow the crowd, I think that in dating it isn't always a bad choice.
People tend to want to try the current social trends and activities they are hearing about so it is a good idea to take your date somewhere they will appreciate. 
You may have a good time as well and you will be keeping up on those latest fads that everyone is talking about. At least you won't appear to have lived in a closet for the last 5 years.
And some of the latest dating trends are even fun!

Exerdating! Maybe I am moving to New York
I sort of like the thought of an exercise date.
 Oh, not always because sometimes I may want to act different while working out than I would in public but it is appealing anyway.
As the author wrote, the fact that you are dressed for exercise and not for a normal date is sort of cool. Not to much make-up or layered suits can give a better look than if we were out to dinner.
I think it could be an incredible turn-on or turn-off to be grunting next to a new date. If you are into each other then it must go further but if you find that you don't like the way the person acts or looks then I think it would end fast.
In a way I agree that it is possible to tell if your personalities would be a match with this type of date and as I mentioned I would try it for sure.

7 Uncool Dating Trends(see clip below)
On the other side of the coin there are those trends in society that can hurt people and does. As these gain in popularity, the victims are often times, at best, ignored or even made fun of and insulted. Some of these could even wind up causing worse damage than that if it was taken far enough or the wrong ears and eyes took note.
As an example, taking snap shots of other people in private moments or airing the "news" publicly on twitter or other social networks. What kind of harm can come to people as a result of this type of behavior? Somebody could lose their friends and even family or job if that was taken far enough. Personally, I don't think I would care to date or associate with anyone who did feel it was acceptable to broadcast your private life. If they feel the need then why not photo themselves and not others.
Some of these harmful trends are actually childish and immature coming from an adult and is just utterly stupid.
As in most of these cases, if such things were done to them, they would probably cry the loudest!

Check out the Dating Cures we have clipped for you below to read the whole articles I have been discussing

Hope you enjoy our latest Dating Cures (dating clips) from Dating Expression. 
Please feel free to share and comment below.

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