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Tagalog Love and Dating Expressions

People who plan on dating, forming relationships or even just spending a good amount of time in the Tagalog love and dating expressions is a sweet and thoughtful way to show your new Filipina that you think highly enough of her to take the time and study those Tagalog love phrases.
Philippines will find it wise to pick up some of the local dialect. Knowing some

Get Married or Stay Single. Facts and Opinion

Married or SingleGet married or stay single? Which would make me happier? I have wondered this question at some points in my life and I am sure many of you have too. While browsing the internet, we see all kinds of people writing all kinds of stuff about how much better life is once you get married and others write about how it is great to be single and dating.
I decided to do some research for us about getting married and staying single. The point is to provide

Dating Expression from Sampaguitas Dating

Dating Expression is new Sampaguitas Dating
Welcome to Dating Expression
We decided to move our domain from the old to our own custom domain.
Sampaguitas Dating changed the name of the blog to Dating Expressions as part of the new move. It was felt that the name was more expressive of the heart of what we hope to accomplish.

Don't Listen to Dating Advice? Top Dating Tips

Dating advice? You want some or not?
Actions Have Reactions
You Are in Control of Your Destiny
I can give you the ultimate, the best in the world top dating tips that will surely save you from your current disastrous relationship.
Please don't listen without taking it with a grain of salt and careful consideration of your own situation.

I recommend that if you read articles or listen to anyone, whether they are an expert relationship counselor or your mother or best friend, use this piece of dating advice before any other.
Surely you have already heard some pretty stupid tips from people that you have already talked to.

As I mentioned before, always consider your own situation carefully before listening because the person giving the advice probably doesn't know all the details on what you are going through. Without knowing those small things it is actually hard to give advice that seems like the best course of action.
So many things lead up to a current problem and without that knowledge your adviser is in the dark.
Not to mention, we are not all knowing sages who are able to read or predict your future.

Like the next posts I clipped below for you, I am glad that I always have used my head and did what I thought was best or even the only real available option when it comes to listening to others. I may value your input, but it doesn't mean I will follow it!

Don't Listen to Dating Advice? Top Dating Tips

originally titled The Worst Dating Advice I Ever Received


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I'm not saying dating is hard. After enough trial and error, most of us get the hang of it. I just didn't like the entire process -- the inherent uncertainty, the lack of clear guidelines, the seeming futility. Most of all, I disliked the constant stream of advice from friends.
While a bachelor, I never lacked dating advice.
To be sure, some of it was helpful. Most of it, though, ended up making matters worse.
 That's how I treated my friend's advice. I heard it, but I didn't accept it..Full Article Here
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You might want to avoid sitcoms for a while    Jul 14, 2014

I used to have a friend who refused to watch romantic comedies.
She said she packed up all of her DVDs and would be avoiding most sitcoms and dramas, too. According to her, she felt like these shows and their depicted relationships were messing with her head and her expectations for dating and love.
I remember thinking, "That's probably really smart," before returning home and turning on Grey's Anatomy.
It makes sense that what we watch on television has off-screen implications, but how serious are they and what should this mean about our habits? Read it in Full Here

I believe that we should always be careful about listening to advice or even believing anything just because we saw it on television or heard it on the radio.
May be true that watching certain shows can influence our thinking. I guess it does make sense if you consider that television often makes us laugh and cry. If it influences our emotions then I guess it can influence our thinking too.
As the old saying goes,"The pen is mightier than the sword."

Please feel free to comment below and share these!

Is Love Doomed. Long Distance Relationship Statistics

Long Distance RelationshipsIs our love doomed? Can we survive a long distance relationship? Questions like these are getting more

and more common these days, especially if you are in college or just starting out.

I can sympathize having been in this situation myself, not once but twice and I know that if you are experiencing long distance love, it isn't easy to hold it all together during this time of separation.

I decided to do some more of my researching and found some statistics pertaining to long distance relationships that may help to show you that you are not the only one going through this.
Long Distance Marriage Facts
  • 2.9% of marriages are considered long distance
  • 10% of marriages start as long distance
  • 75% of engaged couples say they have been in long distance relationships
  • 3.75 million marriages are considered long distance
  • 14 months is average time you are apart
 Long Distance Love Statistics
  • 14 million couples claim they are in this type of relationship
  • 32.5% of college loves are long distance
  • 125 miles is our average distance apart
  • 3 love letters sent each month
Negative Sides to Long Distance Love
  • 4.5 months is the time it takes to split-up when it isn't working out
  • 70% fail if good planning isn't done
  • 40% break-up
  • 1.5 visits to each other a month
I found the facts here:
Long Distance Relationship Statistics
Research Date is 4-28-2014
2013 Statistic Brain Research Institute, publishing as Statistic Brain

As we can see from the statistics, it is not uncommon to be involved in a long distance romance, especially if you are in college or newly married. Obviously,this makes sense considering we get involved with someone before we are even enrolled in school and sometimes our occupations keep us apart somewhat at first.

I would like to give some short, long distance relationship advice if I can.
For starters, if you don't think you guys can survive being apart, it may be easier on both of you to agree to see other people or just break-up for the time being. If your love is still there then you can always get back together. I would advise this because basically we live in a world that doesn't wait and do you think your partner or you will wait that long? If you are apart then there are many opportunities to meet other people and even date them. Temptation can set in and someone may be heartbroken or you may end up lying to them to cover up what you have done.
Career opportunities may come up and this can have a drastic change on your life course. You need to consider both of you and go on from there. Would you give up a great sounding career or the relationship?
 Dealing with long distance relationships can be stressful and to be successful, you need to make life plans and stick to them or be able to adjust in a way that is good for both of you. It isn't fair for just one of you to have to do everything and that person may end up resenting you. Honesty, understanding, cooperation and commitment are essential for a happy time while you are apart.
 Many relationships can survive and even flourish even though there is distance between the couple. Many find that their love and understanding is even stronger than before and that they communicate better because of the effort it takes while apart.
I wish all long distance couples success and hope I have given you some room for thought.

Any questions or comments, please leave below as I welcome your opinions!

above photo ©[jovannig(Giovanni Gagliardi)

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