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How to be Attractive. Use Attractive Body Language

Look Attractive
Look Attractive
 Thankfully, when it comes to communicating to the opposite sex, we are not just stuck with words alone.
 Studies and experience do show that only a fairly small percentage of initial attraction is caused by the words we say. 
The number one answer to the old question, How to be more attractive? Is simply use attractive body language.

Use Attractive Body Language

Albert Mehrabian in his book "Silent Messages" states that we are perceived by others in three different ways. Attractive body language being one of the key ingredients in our seductive mix.

How Others Perceive Us
1. Visually or by Body Language is at a whopping 55%
2. Vocally or by the tone of our voice by 38%
3. Verbally or by our spoken words by 7%

One of the most powerful forms of attractive body language is by mirroring the other person. Mirroring is when one person subconsciously does what the other person is doing. As when one person crosses their legs and so does the other. This can show rapport between people and can also establish it.

Salesman or people in public offices are trained to mirror others for just such a reason. Imitating a person is bad though so do not immediately start raising your arms just because they did, just seem to naturally go into anothers posture or manner.

Not making the wrong body gestures can go a long way to working in our favor when we meet a potential date. For instance, it is considered bad to touch your face or cross your arms when talking. Crossing your arms can seem defensive and touching your face shows you may have something to hide ( at least sometimes people may think this). With this in mind, our question of how to be more attractive is sometimes best defined by things to avoid.

Body Gestures to Avoid Using
  1. Crossing your arms. Seems defensive and defensive types of postures should be avoided.
  2. Touching or scratching your face. They say these things can makes us look like we are hiding something or nervous.
  3. Fiddling with things or fidgeting. Makes us look uncomfortable or nervous.
  4. Don't look down. This can be perceived as scared, guilty, not confident or a number of things
  5. Don't use jerky or fast sudden moves that can startle or scare someone. They may even think there is something wrong with you.
  6. Walking to fast is not good because you seem busy or preoccupied and therefore not available.
  7.  Don't hold your own hands, fingers or arms as these types of actions make us look like we are not confident. 
  8. Do not clench fists or such things. This seems angry or defensive 
  9. Don't tilt your head back or to the side. We tend to feel like we are being judged or disagreed with when someone does that to us. 
Here are some ways to use our bodies that may help cause attraction in a member of the opposite sex. Remember though that nothing ever works 100% of the time so bear that into consideration with these techniques.
    How to Use Gestures for Attractive Body Language
    1. Hands are best left with palms either vertical or facing up as this seems more open and even supportive
    2. Head should be tilted slightly toward your potential date. This makes us look interested in the conversation.
    3.  Keep body movements smooth and natural. Easy goes it here.
    4. Maintain direct eye contact for at least 10 seconds for a romantic connection. Keep up the eye contact throughout the conversation. Both sexes love it when the opposite does this.
    5. Lightly touch the other person at an appropriate time for a few seconds. This is said to be a good turn on sexually and shows the person you are here and with them. For men it is said a light touch to the back of elbow is good and for women to touch a mans lower arm or back of hand.
    6.  Many people say that a slight licking of your lips increases sexual tension with the opposite sex.
    7. Triangle pattern of looking at someone. This goes along with numbers 4 and 6 above. Looking into their eyes for at least ten seconds and then at their lips while licking your own lips and back up to their eyes will cause them to lick their own lips. This can help to build rapport and can help produce a state where the other person is ready to be kissed even. 
    8. Point at a woman and say "Hey, come here." This is attractive body language for men. Women find the leading power of a man very sexually attractive. This tip was shared from David Wygant
    9. Some suggest that men stand with feet spread apart a little bit farther than normal as this shows and gives a strong stance.
    10. Keeping toes pointed toward a person somehow lets them know mentally that you are listening. Same goes for torso.
    11. Nod 3 times when someone finishes talking. This is supposed to cue them to continue! I read this information for the first time here The Psychology of Attraction by Vanessa Van Edwards
    For the men some advice is that we should move our heads slowly and smoothly when someone tries to get our attention. Males that are in control are relaxed and confident, so we don't want to move erratically or jump just because someone calls our name.
    Think of men who are powerful and act the way they act. Never see them bat an eye at anything. Copy that behavior. By the way this is pretty easy, just try to practice it some and don't worry if you make a mistake. Just recover afterward and continue with your in control state!

    Using Body Language To Be More Attractive
    Via: Best Dating Sites
     This work is licensed under a
    Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License
     Infographic Copyright 2011-2013

    To wrap up, I think an important piece of advice for anyone is to just relax, it isn't as though we will die if we fail at these things once in awhile and relaxing is basically a key ingredient to all of the things we discussed above.
    Relaxing equals no fear and no fear helps with confident behavior. I just read somewhere that instead of  focusing on our own fears, desires or actions we should instead focus on the other person. Makes sense doesn't it. Think about it.

    I hope you can understand that the answer to your question How to be more attractive? Is use attractive body language.
    Anyone have any tips or ideas to leave just comment below!

    Meeting Filipinas. Impress Philippines Girls the Right Way

    Philippines Girls Love Thoughtfulness
    Be Thoughtful
    Well, here we are. In the Philippines or anywhere, us men want to successfully meet women.  When you feel confused as to how to proceed, one sure fire way is to make a good impression. Meeting Filipinas is a lot like approaching women from other nationalities. So, here are some tips to impress Philippines girls the right way. 

    These tips are from actual conversations with Filipinas about what they admire in a man or suitor, as well as from observations and research on dating Philippines girls. Obviously, everyone has their own unique likes and dislikes so please remember this is a general guide and plan your actions accordingly.

    One of the biggest factors to consider when approaching a Pinay is your personal appearance. This can really make or break the deal because in the Philippine culture appearance is considered extremely important. Even the poor will go out of their way just to look neat and presentable whenever they can.

    All over the islands you see it. Foreigners are dressed shabbily and look dirty. Teeth are stained and they smell. These things tend to be due to the climate and whatever activities that they may be doing at the moment. While P.I. girls will go out with a guy looking like this, it is a wise idea to take the extra step and clean yourself up. Believe me, you will receive one hundred percent more smiles and looks than you will if you are messy. This means literally thousands of more dating opportunities.

    Impress Philippines Girls the Right Way with Your Appearance

    Hair: Make sure that you hair is washed and neat. Clean and good looking hair is important no matter where you are and the Islands is no different. Depending on where you are located here, a haircut or even new hair style is relatively cheap when compared to other countries. Often, a decent haircut is fifty pesos or there abouts. That's only a little over one U.S. dollar.
    A good side effect of getting your haircut is the fact that it is much cooler, hopefully reducing the amount of sweating that you may do if you aren't used to a tropical environment.

    Clothes: As I mentioned earlier, the clothes we wear make a big difference here. I say this from personal observations that I have made about myself and from Filipinos telling me so. For some added advice on dressing check out this nice bit of information that anyone can use.
     Clothing makes the difference. I can walk around in old shorts and t-shirt and still receive attention from the opposite sex, but, if I put on nice clothes I will get literally hundreds more looks and smiles (no lie or brag). These are more open looks and smiles too, not the guarded or secretive type I tend to receive otherwise. This means they are not hiding anything, they are openly looking and whoever notices it will. (This has to do with the society here, so I wanted to stress the difference of a secret look versus an open look.)

    Girls from the Philippines Love a Well-Dressed Man
    Filipinas Love a Well Dressed Man
    Dress according to where you are going whether it be an event, barbeque, the mall or the beach. Dressing appropriately is important culturally here, so pay attention to other people and what they are wearing. Is it formal or casual or semi-casual, it can make a difference. A side note here if I can, ironing your clothes is a good idea even if they don't appear wrinkled. It ads an extra neat and groomed look that Pilipinas love and because of tropical pests it is a great idea.

    One nice thing is that being from another country can loosen the expectations a little or even a lot. We are not used to the hot weather so we get some slack at times about our dressing habits. I personally use this to my advantage whenever I can as I am more comfortable in shorts compared to pants and sandels compared to shoes and socks!
    Shorts are ok for many places and occasions, just make sure they are neat and clean looking and generally I think it is acceptable.
     Just pay attention and think beforehand about where you may be going or what you may be doing.

    Slacks and dress pants really make a difference. Blue jeans are good but nice looking dress pants can score big points for you.
     Example, if going to a mall or out to eat or to a decent club, the dress pants win over shorts or nice looking blue jeans any day of the week. (Referring to above where I mentioned that I get so many open looks depending on how I dress was meant for this point. Before going to a good sized mall I showered and put on a nice pair of black dress pants along with a nice but inexpensive faux suede shirt that was also black. I also wore dress shoes. Not kidding nor bragging, I was getting so many open looks of admiration everywhere that I went. I believe I could have gotten many phone numbers for future dating had I been there for that purpose!)

    Shoes: Shoes will make a difference as well. If going out where you really want to shine then wear a pair of good looking dress shoes. Obviously, a nice pair of regular shoes is good in the right situations and if going to the beach or similar then the flip flops work. Always remember, in this country and to a Filipina, a great appearance is nearly everything.

    Scent: Filipinos do not smell! Remember that. Never tell one that they have body odor or need a bath. In general it will offend them. They usually do not use deodorant because often times they do not produce underarm odor, so do not say they have it.
    Typically, they will bathe and depending on what they are doing will use a body scent of some kind. They are conscious of smelling too strongly though so are careful not to use to much.
    As they do not smell then neither should you. We should shower and put on our own deodorant so we will not smell from the heat. Our cologne should be tastefully applied not using to much or to little. I am sure we all know the rule about wearing perfume or cologne so go by it.
    Philippines girls do like a man with a nice scent (they seem sort of smell orientated). They like it a lot and you will reap the benefits of following this advice.

    Cleanliness: Impress Filipinas with your own personal cleanliness. Before going out bath and wash with soap and water. Get rid of the dirt and grime of a tropical environment and be sure to trim all of your nails and clean under them as well as around them. Often times here it is easy to get dirty hands and feet and grime may collect under the nails or around them so clean those areas. Here is also the health factor. This is a third world country, so remember, clean hands and feet are important. Do not chew your nails or put fingers in your mouth.
    A smooth shave can work in your favor as well. I have been told by more than one Pilipina that they like a nice smooth and neat looking face. This is true. I do want to point out that sometimes this isn't always necessary. Short stubble that is neat and even can be acceptable, it seems that some girls here are attracted to it whether they want to admit it or not. Mainly, keep your face clean and any whiskers neat and even in appearance and you may be good to go. If it is a first date or something special then shave nice and close and smooth for sure.

    When Meeting Filipinas be Fun, Polite and Easy-going

    I think it is safe to say that you don't want to look like you are on the prowl for your next meal. I wouldn't ogle and drool over every other woman that you see. I tend to think it is a good idea to hold back a little bit and observe what is going on around you. Check and see if she has a guy around her or if a lot of people are paying her attention. I say this because she may be married or have a boyfriend. Not a good idea to hit on her. If there are a lot of people aware of her then it may not be a good idea because she may be part of a group and might not want the attention of a foreign male where everyone knows. These things have to do with culture and society so be aware of it.
    I like to see if she is looking my direction at all. If her looks are more open then it may be a good sign to proceed to talking with her. Regardless of a covert or open look, if it seems safe then go ahead and approach.

    Filipina Love Expressions A warning about smiles and looks. They do not always

    mean she is interested or available. Sometimes, I have seemed to notice a lot of looks and smiles from women who are already with someone or are just playing around. So be careful of jumping to the wrong conclusion and making a fool of yourself. This is one of the reasons that I mentioned to back off a bit and observe without being obvious about it. Spare yourself the ridicule or lose of face.

    Be polite and easy going is a good motto. Philippines girls are hit on all the time by guys who style themselves as players and sometimes seem resentful of it.
     Remember too, as a visitor to their country it is not good to appear rude. So, being polite, respectful and easy going is a safe way to go.

     Laughing is good. Pilipinas love to laugh and have a good time. Brush up on some non-offensive humor and be relaxed. Smiling and being fun is a big plus when meeting Filipinas.

     Girls here talk about celebrities and famous people. Brush up on what's happening to improve your conversation with them. Know current stars and movies and the popular trends, it can help in relating to them.

    I have noticed that even if the girls here are talking about someone or something in a non-pleasant way that it is not a good idea to join in very much. Even if they are enjoying themselves with the gossip, don't rush in with comments or laugh to much. As a visitor here it isn't considered well mannered for us to do so. Safer way is to continue to pay attention and look pleasant until the topic changes.

    If possible and she seems worth it to you then pay for any drinks, meals or entertainment, at least at first. Once you seem to be going-out and if her financial situation is stable then she may be ok chipping in, but remember that old fashion ways do persist here. and chances are you will have to pay either way.

    Confidence makes a big difference but don't be such an ass. It isn't very hard to just relax and be a man assured with himself so do it. I think you know what I mean so I will end that there.

    Try to learn a few good phrases in Tagalog, Visayan or the local dialect. This can make it easier to follow along with conversations that are not in your native language and do show that you try to fit in.

    Following this advice should help you with meeting Filipinas and although it is not exhaustive nor accurate in every single circumstance, following these things should help you impress Philippines Girls the right way. Remember, in the Philippines, a good impression goes along way for anything.

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