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above video is from You Tube.
 My Long Distance Relationship Story & Tips by Michelle Phan
Link to the Original Video.
 My Long Distance Relationship Story & Tips by Michelle Phan

Separated Lovers

So many people now are involved in a long distance relationship.
Love Letters
 I can sympathize because I have been in 2 of them myself. It isn't easy maintaining love and trust when your partner is so far away. But, the modern world just doesn't stop for a weeping heart. Thankfully, there are people like these two in the video above that can help us through those lonely times. They can be an inspiration for separated lovers to continue to work together and uphold honesty and integrity in the romance. Sometimes, I have noticed that if you are both working on building your lives together, then the time apart can make for a strong union. This is because you have already been facing trials that many relationships don't go through for at least a few years. But you two have weathered them and came out closer than ever.

Many Obstacles of  LDR's (Long Distance Relationships)

Secretly dating others when your lover is hundreds of miles away? No one would know but you. Will you maintain your loyalty or stray a few times? Will you trust your partner or get fulled with doubt and suspicion. If so then take a deep breath because the relationship may be in trouble. We all know that to much doubt will ruin a love and if you are spending your free time miserable because of it then being together again may not even solve your problems. Trouble is, many long distance loves break-up because of this fact. It is too easy to cheat and lie to your partner and too easy for them to do it to you and there isn't any proof for either of you. That was a mouthful. Time is another possible opponent to your love. The time you two are apart can work to put an invisible wedge between the two of you and before very long one of you wants to call it quits. It is natural. Like healing after heartbreak or the lose of a friend. Time can heal all wounds but it can also see love pass away. So don't let your relationship be ruined by staying apart for to long.

Love is a Team Effort

There are many troubles to face when two loves are forced apart and those I mentioned above are just a couple of them.
 It is best to be honest and cooperative with your other half during this time. Like the two in the video, be thoughtful and creative.
Show them you care and show them you are working on life. On being reunited with them. Don't cause them stress or worry because you are calling constantly and acting out of sorts. If anything, be a source of strength. Even if you don't feel that way, your partner will admire you for it and if you are the man, she will appreciate it much more.
If you are the woman, just kindly let him know from time to time, he is your desire. It can work wonders for his motivation and hopefully, he won't pester you with jealous thoughts racing through his mind. It is a kindness he will appreciate more than you know and it really doesn't cost you anything.

With teamwork and cooperation, your long distance relationship will be up close and personal before you know it. So hang in there and let them know you care.

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