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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jennifer Laude,Ladyboys,Crossdressers. Common in Philippines

attention tourists
It actually isn't much of a surprise to see the news about what happened to Jennifer Laude.

Though it is sad to be sure because violence and killing are never good.

Truth is there are many people like Jennifer Laude in the Philippines and even S.E. Asia.

There are transgenders, cross-dressers, lady-boys and t-boys, call it by whatever name you want, they are here.

To quickly state my views on this particular type of case, I feel that anything like what happened with Miss Laude should go to a non-partial court. Something like the United Nations or similar organization that is not tied to or biased for any nation.

This way justice may be served for both parties and hopefully the anger toward people of a certain color or nationality will be lessened.

It seems that by not having a non-partial hearing, they are only aggravating the tension between cultures and nobody that lives here as a foreign national wants that. I certainly don't want to be pointed at because I am white and I reside here.

Honestly, it seems that you need to get all the facts straight because is anyone really sure what happened? It isn't right to condemn or condone without a non-biased investigation.

I understand why any U.S. National would be taken from the Philippines after something like this goes down but like I said, A non-partial investigation seems only fair to both parties.

Transgenders and Lady-boys in the Philippines

I have actually been thinking the whole time that this blog has been live, to write about this topic, but was never sure how to go about it. Obviously, it is a touchy subject.

When you are a man, out and about in the Islands and you are a foreigner, you will encounter these types of personalities. In fact, the more outgoing the girl is or the more obviously she is trying to get your attention, it is a good chance the person is a lady-boy or transgender.

Take a walk down the beaches in the resort areas or at night near the bar and clubs and you will notice it. The girl who is smiling and waving, or even walking over, probably wasn't born as a girl. She may be a man with all the male organs dressed as a woman or she may have both male and female parts or she may have girl parts. But, look closer and there may be a large adam's apple or broader shoulders.

To be honest with you guys, most natural born women here do not go out of their way to wave you down or actually follow you, at least not very far. They may in their own ways get your attention but they are women. Have you ever had a woman wave you down? No, I doubt it. It isn't the way women do things. Especially in a conservative culture. But, you may not know that, either.

However, if you are new here and single, you may be a little overwhelmed about how women look. There is really a difference comparing an Asian woman to a Caucasian woman. Add to the exotic appearance, the fact that they have that inner sexual thing that is impossible to miss and you are probably hoping to meet a girl for the evening.

Add to that a darker environment at night and you have a potentially explosive mix.

In many places at night the lighting isn't very bright and if you are intoxicated you may not realize at first that this girl talking to you has a bigger adam's apple than you do.

A good piece of dating advice I will give you is to make sure you know what sex they are before you agree to go-out with or sleep with someone here.
From a distance it may be more difficult to tell but face to face it usually easy. Most of the time they haven't had that much of a change that you won't know. Although if they do a good job with the make-up, then it may be a lot more difficult to tell. If in doubt I guess you could always ask. But I am sure a normal woman will be highly offended.

Keep in mind what I said about the more outgoing or flamboyant girls being boys. They probably are.

girls for hireUnless you are in one of those areas like Angeles City or something, most girls won't be that publicly
obvious. They don't make a show in front of people. If they do she is probably a prostitute or lady-boy. Remember that because a prostitute will want your money and the lady-boy will too and that's why they are trying so hard to get your attention. Money.

If a normal girl was being so obvious about it then I would wonder what is really going on. You almost have to be here to understand what I am saying.
A normal girl here may be obvious in public, that she is interested in you, and that in part is so people know she may be going out with a foreigner. That she isn't going in secret to be naughty or something. That she is a real girl who wants a real man. Not a prostitute seeking money.

But the difference seems to be that some prostitutes (not all) or lady-boys are even more obvious, calling attention to you and themselves so much that the whole world knows. They make sure they single themselves out to you and will even push their attentions on you. Sometimes even taking your hand and not wanting to let go until you agree to go with them.

Most prostitutes don't do those things I think but some will.
One time while walking down the sidewalk, a girl came up and said "hi, where are you going?" and she took my hand and would not let go. I had a hard time taking my hand back and finally had to say very firmly no and pull my hand away. She got mad and actually hit my hand with her fist. The prostitutes here have a certain pride and I had offended hers by refusing her. Only, like I said most prostitutes won't do that because they are prostitutes and who wants to get into trouble?
 I don't want to write in depth about the prostitution here because that isn't this post and that isn't actually a normal type of date or piece of dating advice. Obviously.
But I mentioned it because it may relate to what is just now in the news.

The point of this post is to let you know to be careful when you are here or anywhere in S. E. Asia. While most women are not prostitutes and not everybody is a lady-boy, it is common and you really do need to be aware of it.
If you are not interested in ladies of the evening or meeting he-shes then keep your eyes open and use your head. Do that anyway because you will regret it if you don't.

  Violence is never the answer and if you are in a foreign culture, is really a bad idea. They will immediately go against you because of it. It isn't even a good idea to raise your voice in anger. They consider you an outsider and maybe you should just leave if you are mad about something.

There is a danger because if you take the wrong girl to a room for the night then you may be robbed. That is actually rather common. Most of the time there is no killing but guys being ripped off by the girl they brought back to their room is common.
Don't leave money or your identification where she can take it or copy down your id numbers. Use a hidden money belt or something and don't show anyone anything of value. Never try to impress them because you will be robbed.

Girls will often ask you for money for transportation expenses or medical or school bills. Depending on your relationship and your attitude, you may help them to a greater or lesser degree. It is true they probably do need money but don't dish out everything she asks for.

cool Philippines girlI would help the girl with some expenses if she is nice to you and seems more genuine or at least honest. But, if not then don't bother wasting your time or money. I mentioned I would if they are honest and nice because that is a big bonus in a girls favor over here. A girl that way is worth helping out and cultivating a true friendship with. And like I have said many times, a nice Philippines girl is really special to find and know, even as a friend.

What happened with Miss Jennifer Laude is sad and I hope justice is served to both parties.
 Let it be a warning to keep your eyes open and your wits about you. You are in a foreign culture so obviously you should be extra careful.
Take some time to digest and even research what I have mentioned and your dating experiences may be better. Don't let the bad of the world keep you from making and having your own good time.
The Philippines is a cool country to visit and even live.A lot of Philippines girls are awesome and making a dating expression together can be a one of a kind experience that can last you forever!

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