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Tagalog Love and Dating Expressions

People who plan on dating, forming relationships or even just spending a good amount of time in the Tagalog love and dating expressions is a sweet and thoughtful way to show your new Filipina that you think highly enough of her to take the time and study those Tagalog love phrases.
Philippines will find it wise to pick up some of the local dialect. Knowing some

 Filipino Dialects

Tagalog is the National language and is spoken by a lot of Pilipinos but not by everyone. Outside of the Manila area you will find that there are many different dialects spoken and sometimes the residents of one province doesn't know even Tagalog all that well. This is because many Provincial areas speak their own.

A real word of warning though, other than Tagalog, it will be hard to find much in the way of actual printed books to study. For example, you would find it hard to find any books on learning Visayan and a best bet is to check the local tourism office for a booklet of phrases or the college and ask for language transcripts.

Cebuano is one of the other most common languages spoken in the Philippines and Cebu is one of the larger metro areas. When planning a visit to the Cebu area, you will be able to find some Cebuano to English dictionaries and I remember there used to be a few smaller books on Cebuano as well. An internet search is helpful to get primers because there is at least Tagalog and Cebuano online.

Tagalog Love and Dating Expressions

Once you meet a sweet Philippines girl you can take the time to learn some Tagalog love and dating phrases. While to some people here it won't mean much, to others it does mean something and is worth doing. Really worth it if you are going to stay here awhile.

Tagalog Expressions                         English Equivalent

Aking                                                                                              My
Sa iyo                                                                                              You
Ako or Akong                                                                                  I
Oo                                                                                                   Yes
Hindi                                                                                                No
Maganda                                                                                          Good
Palaam                                                                                             Goodbye
Po or Ho  (Polite words used to add courtesy to expressions)
Bee  (common with younger singles)                                                  Baby
Beh  (common with younger singles)                                                  Baby
Gusto                                                                                               To want or To like
Gusto kita (Kita meaning from I to you)                                             I like you
mahal                                                                                                Love
ibig                                                                                                   Love
mahal ko                                                                                          My love
Irog  (rarely used, is old fashioned)                                                   My love
Mahal kita  (Mahal is love, kita stands for from I to you)                   I love you
iniibig kita   (This is sometimes considered
                  old fashioned or out of style)                                          I love you
Minamahal kita                                                                                I love you
Mamahalin kita magpakailan man                                                  I will love you forever
Mahal din kita                                                                                  I love you too
Ikaw ang mahal ko                                                                           You are the one I love
Sobrang mahal kita                                                                           I truly love you
Miss kita                                                                                          I miss you
Miss na miss kita                                                                              I really miss you
Miss kita talaga                                                                                I really miss you
May gusto ako sa iyo                                                                       I have a crush on you
Iniisip kita                                                                                        I'm thinking of you
Ingat ka                                                                                           Take care

This is just a partial list of some basic Tagalog love and dating expressions and we will be adding more in the future. Just remember to be kind and thoughtful to distinguish yourself from the other visitors to the country who may not be so.

Practice beforehand and make sure to learn at least 2 love phrases a day and in no time you will be able to converse in your Filipina's language. Doing this will make your time here a lot more enjoyable and less confusing. You won't be so much in the dark as to what is going on in the surroundings and you should be able to communicate with Philippines girls much easier.

You will realize if you plan on staying for awhile just how much of a good idea it is to start learning right away.

 Remember to check back as we will be adding more language primers.



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