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Monday, June 9, 2014

Why Date Filipinas. Qualities of a Filipina Guide


You may have heard other people talking about someone they know who has met or is dating a Filipina. You ask yourself. "Why date Filipinas? What are the qualities of a Filipina that would make them desirable to a man from another country?"

I admit that before I started to date a girl from the Philippines I asked myself these same questions. I had heard the negative comments made by people about them so I was a little dubious. I was also curious though, because I realized not everyone can be bad or undesirable. But then I met a woman and we started to talk and form an attachment and we started going-out together.
I realized that these Philippines girls also have a lot of good qualities and characteristics that make them fun and desirable to befriend, date or even to form a long-term relationship with. I was having more fun and a much more interesting experience by knowing this filipino girl than I had with females from my own country.
 Well, for one thing a lot of us want something different and going-out with a person from another culture is very different. It is new and exciting and even exotic.

     Good Reasons to Date Your Babae 

      Philippines Girls are
  • Fun, Carefree and Playful
  • Hard Working and Love of Family
  • Naturally Sexually Attractive
  • Monogamous
  • Educated
  • Good Conversion Rates for Your Money
Here are those reasons below.

 Fun, Carefree and Playful Attitude of Filipino Girls

Playful Pinay  To start off I would say that Philippines girls are fun to be around. They can have a carefree and playful attitude that is refreshing and just wonderful to experience. Compare that to women from other cultures who always take everything so serious and you will know what I mean.They will make funny but strange jokes and tell odd stories that are always amusing and can laugh about most anything. Just a couple of weeks ago I was at a resort here in the Philippines and a group of them were gathered in and around the pools. Listening to them talk and seeing them interact amongst themselves as they play around was a joy to me. It just seemed so innocent and carefree. It even seemed they might invite me to hang out with them for awhile, but unfortunately i had to attend a wedding, so wasn't able to reciprocate the mood. But I did walk away feeling good.

Hard Working and Love of Family

Hard Working Babae

Most Asian women and girls are hard working and know they need to help provide for the future. Although it was expected in most Asian societies for the man to provide, the females know they should as well, and now are. Always working hard and even long hours they are used to the discipline it takes to form a life. In the Philippines now it is common that most companies are hiring more women compared to men and if you visit you will notice it. Checkout the stores and most places in town and you will surely find many feminine employees and even business owners.
 The responsible side of their nature takes over and they tolerate conditions that would have other women screaming, but they do it because they have to and to ensure that the family back home is taken care of as much as possible. One can only find respect for such dedication and love for family. This reveals an inner strength and ability to endure hardship, and I think it is there partially due to the past occupations the islands have gone though.

 Natural Sexual Attractiveness of Filipinas

Sexually AttractiveAn obvious answer to the question, "Why date Filipinas?" is the natural sexual attractiveness they have. The country has gone through periods of occupation and rule by other foreign countries and have mixed blood. They are also an earthy sort of people and many have ties to nature and the sea. As a result they have an inner sexual magnetism and beauty that you cannot really appreciate from photos, you need to see it in real life. Their inner sexuality and outer physical characteristics combine to make P.I. ladies a knockout!

 Monogamous Relationships

One of the most endearing qualities they have is that many will wait until marriage before they engage in sexual intercourse. The island culture is such that it can be frowned on to sleep around with a lot of men or to even appear to forward in mannerism in public  Marriage here is for life as there is no divorce law because they are primarily a Catholic nation. 
This can vary from area to area though. Sometimes in the city or other places the girls are not so old fashioned seeming, at least as regards to foreign men. I plan to write more about this in a later post or article though and don't want to get too in depth here.

Educated for a Quality Life

Educated for Quality LIfe
Whenever possible ladies here will educate themselves. It is a belief they have to always strive for more I think. If you take time and listen you will find out that many of these people have more than one degree, and not just bachelors either but masters and even doctorates. I believe they do this to not only better themselves but to help insure that children and relations are better provided for and for a way for them to get into positions of employment that may not be open to them otherwise. In real life connections matter and every person here knows it!

The country had a strong American presence in the past and as a result many Filipinos can speak English to a greater or lesser degree. In fact they are taught it in school. Most signs and advertisements and streets are in English which makes it easy to get around compared to most non English speaking countries.

Good Conversion Rates for Your Money
Money Goes Farther

A real nice bonus to dating a filipina is the cost! Most pinays are ok if you don't take them to five star resturaunts every weekend (but would be thrilled if you do once in awhile).  As I stated above, many girls here are not from rich families so are not used to that lifestyle anyway. Do however be respectful and prepare for your date and take her somewhere at least decent. 
The generally good conversion rates of many western currencies compared to here or other Asian countries means your dollar goes farther. Sometimes a lot farther, and beyond the conversion, it is just a fact that the dollar stands for more and so do you. Meaning that you may be regarded as a stable, even rich sort of fellow.
Depending on where you are in the Philippines, you can easily have a date for one thousand pesos (about twenty-five U.S. dollars). This can be more or less depending on what you do together.
 As an example, if you were in the provinces and not in metro Manila, then a good meal at a good place can be about two hundred pesos each. A movie is about one hundred and fifty pesos each for the tickets. Pedi cabs in many areas are maybe nine pesos a ride as long as you are not going too far. So right there you took her to a movie and had good dining for under the one thousand pesos that I mentioned and she is more than likely thrilled with you too!

There are many answers to the questions "Why date Filipinas?" and to "What qualities do they have that would make them desirable?" and I trust that I have given you are few good ones.
I must admit that in the time that I have been here, I have had more fun than I did back home and have learned some of the their culture too. Just remember to study up on the parts of Asia you intend to go to before hand so you are prepared. I will be writing more about these things here and I urge you to look at forums for international dating and Expatriots. There are some good ones that provide a lot of information so check those out.

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